2020 JDG Basketball 3 x 3 League

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3 x 3 LEAGUE

JDG Basketball

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JDG Basketball

3 x 3 league

JDG Basketball is excited for its second 3 x 3 league season at The Westtown School. We will offer two league age levels: grades 4-5 and grades 6-7. The 3 x 3 league will be one of a kind because it will combine top-notch skill development with league play all in the same hour!

Here’s how it works…

At JDG Basketball, it’s our goal to give our athletes the prerequisite skills to play the game at a high level. Rolling the ball out just isn’t an option. Each week, coach Jonathan Guarente will be the lead instructor of a 20 minute skill workout proceeded by a league game. The workouts will range from individual skill development to effective team movement and proper spacing. The weekly league game will give our athletes an opportunity to practice the game skills and strategies they’ve just learned.

Dates Sundays, September 13th (tryout and training), 20th, 27th / October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th / November 1st (playoffs)
Ages Boys and Girls, Grades 3-8
Time 9:30 am (Grades 3-4) 10:30 am (Grades 5-6) 11:30 am (Grades 7-8)
*Game time and training are the same for each week*
Investment $180/season - We will be holding a draft with JDG Basketball coaches selecting their teams. JDG Basketball will provide a HS level coach for each team. Limit to 24 players in each age division (6 players per team).
Coach A JDG Basketball coach will be assigned to lead each team.
Payment Online registration must be completed to reserve your spot!
Registration JDG Basketball registration form must be completed prior to first session
Location Westtown School – 975 Westtown Road West Chester, PA 19382
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JDG Basketball

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JDG Basketball


  • All teams will participate in a 20 minute skill session followed by one league game on each scheduled date
  • Five 5-minute running clock quarters (30 seconds between quarters)
  • Clock doesn’t stop quarters 1-4, stops in final minute of quarter 5
  • Bonus 1 & 1 on the 5th team foul and beyond per quarter (no double bonus)
  • One 30-second time-out per game
  • Each possession starts with a check or whistle
  • Teams must pass after the check
  • Substitutions can occur after a made basket or dead ball
  • Shooting Fouls = 1 point plus 1 free throw for an additional point, Layups 2 points plus 1 free throw for an additional point
  • Technical Fouls = 1 point plus 1 free throw
  • Foul Limit: 5 personal fouls (technical counts as a personal)
  • Scoring – All made shots within 'the box' (the box is a designated zone close to the basket) are worth 3 points, all jumpers regardless of distance are worth 2 points (emphasis is on team play to produce highest percentage shot)
  • All 3 players and ball must be cleared beyond any part of the 3-pt line after any shot attempt, steal or change of possession with both feet
  • League is based upon winning quarters. Quarters 1 through 4 are valued at 1 team point, the 5th and final quarter is worth 2 team points. Scores reset after every quarter. Emphasis on maintaining a standard level of play every quarter and keeping games competitive.
  • No zone defense, only man to man is allowed
  • Overtime - first team to score wins. Possession decided by coin flip.
JDG Basketball

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JDG Basketball

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JDG Basketball is excited to introduce a brand new 3 x 3 league debuting at
The Westtown School. We will offer two league age levels.

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