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Shooting School

JDG Basketball Shooting School

Shooting Schools are small group sessions focused solely on improving shooting mechanics. Film study and fundamental drill work advance the athlete gradually through attainable goals in order to improve shooting form over a 6-week period.

Drills are filmed, and video feedback provides a clear and accurate picture of specific details pertaining to the shooter’s mechanics. This ensures that only necessary corrections are being made and time is not wasted attempting to fix non-issues. In today's game, basketball is a positionless sport with a heavy emphasis on shooting in order to keep proper spacing and stretch the floor. If you can shoot, you can play!

When? There will be six one-hour Tuesday sessions. You will be assigned a time slot of either 6 pm or 7 pm once all signups are complete. The clinic will be held at Church Farm School in Exton, PA. We will not be able to mix and match times to make up for missed sessions.

Tuesdays - March 26th - April 30th

Who? Boys and Girls, Grades 6 - 12
Times? Church Farm School

6 - 7 pm or 7 - 8 pm

Investment $300/6 sessions

*includes shot video breakdown and t-shirt

For a sample shot video breakdown, click here.

(please note cancellation policy on registration form)

Payment Online registration must be completed to reserve your spot!
Registration JDG Basketball registration form (in about section) must be completed prior to first Shooting School session
Location Church Farm School - 1001 E. Lincoln Highway Exton, PA

*Unfortunately, we cannot mix dates and times and there will be no make-up trainings.*


Questions? Email [email protected] or call/text 484-883-4681

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