Summer Camps

Take Your Best Shot

Improve Knowledge, Develop Skills, Get Results

JDG Basketball


Camps provide a creative, fun, open learning environment designed for the competitive player looking to improve skills and enhance knowledge of the game. Morning sessions will focus on skill work and team concepts followed by an afternoon of competitions and games. The focus of camp instructors and staff will be on skill development, teamwork and cooperation. Nurture the passion for the game of basketball while building foundational skills at JDG Summer Camp!



JDG Basketball

Let Us Help You

Identify Your Goals

What skills do you want to refine? Let's begin your plan. We have experience helping all levels of players improve their techniques and mechanics.

Isolate Your Skills

Increase your awareness and ability to self-correct by feel. We take a systematic approach to isolate the skill through fundamental drill work.

Elevate Your Play

Shed your label by working on your weaknesses and developing those skills into strengths. Every day is a chance for you to improve.

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JDG Basketball

Engage . Educate . Elevate

Begin Your Journey

Let's discuss your aspirations and craft a game plan to make every shot count.

Earn Your Moment

Find the best training option for you and let's develop your skills.

Raise Your Game

Identify your weakness, isolate the skill, improve your technique, get results!

Have a question? Call: 484-883-4681